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Perel Group Oy is the parent company of the group. It's role, besides being a holding company, is to arrange for all services to subsidiary companies. This covers all administrative and financial matters, purchasing for use of the concern, services of advertising, catalog and mailing planning, documentation of import and export, transportation and advertizing contracting and also stock operations.

Perel Group Oy is a family business. The Rantala family holds 100 % of the shares of Perel Group Oy.

Main working principles

Perel Group companies are looking for and finding solutions for improving the various logistics processes of the customer companies or institutions (our ID companies). On the other hand they are delivering most performed goods to improve technical performance of the products or production lines of the customers (our Perel companies). The third leg is to provide customers with wide range of various measuring instruments both for electronic and electric measurements.

We will serve customers in various countries from the separate companies in Finland and the Baltic area, keeping only the administrative and financial co-ordination centralized in Finland.

We represent the foreign manufacturers only on main distributor basis in Finland and the Baltic countries. We select the representations so that we are able, in reasonable time, to make the selected product group the biggest or at least the third biggest in it's selling area.

Our competitiveness stems not only from our large sales volume, but also from our dedication to maintaining a high level of customer service. We routinely measure the level of our service. Through multiple questionaires we have found that our customers regard our service level on average to be much higher than that of our competitors. However, we always strive for improvement.

Management group

Perel Group Oy
Pertti Rantala, President, M.Sc.
Jari Rantala, Managing Director, M.Sc.

Perel Oy
Jari Rantala, Managing Director, M.Sc.

Finn-ID Oy
Janne Pyrrö, Managing Director

Urmas Kulm, Managing Director

Aivar Proos, Managing Director



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